Day 12 Hip Opener

Day 12 of Hip Opening Challenge!

Triangle pose or Trikonasana is another hip opener but also a side stretch. So guess what? You get more bang for your buck! Two DIFFERENT stretches in 1 move! I call that a winner in my book. I hate to say it, but this is another one of my favorites. You may be thinking, You said that about some of the other poses. But I can’t help it, since I started working out in yoga I am familiar with what certain poses do for my body and this one helps me feel better. So of course it would be a favorite!

Triangle or Trikonasana

To try out triangle pose follow these instructions:

1. Come to the top of your mat

2. Take a really wide step back with your right foot

3. Right foot the outer edge is parallel to the short edge of your mat (coming from W2)

4. Straighten the left leg (front leg) pressing into you foot and lift the kneecap

5. While keeping the leg straight hinge your upper body forward, extending the upper body until you can go no more and place the left hand by your ankle

6. And draw your right arm straight overhead at noon (12 o’clock)

7. Gaze up to the ceiling or if your neck aches, fix your gaze on the floor

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