Day 11 Hip Openers

Happy Day 11 of our Hip Opening Challenge!

One of my other hip opening favorites is typically seen in a yoga flow, Side Angle or Utthitta Parsvakonasana. I love the side stretch it gives, but also the lengthy stretch in the hip. It helps wake up those sleepy hips. And after sitting all day, which working from home makes us do, we all need this!

Side Angle or Utthita Parsvakonasana

To wake your hips up feel free to try Side Angle by following these steps below:

1. Come to the top of your mat

2. Take a really wide step back with your right foot

3. Right foot the outer edge is parallel to the short edge of your mat

4. Left leg – 90 degree bend in the knee; left heel of foot should intersect into the middle of the back foot, should we draw a line extending out from the heel of the left foot

5. Hips are pointed outward (facing the long edge of the mat)

6. Bring your arms out to your sides in a t- form; bend the left elbow and bring it to left knee (gently, not dumping your weight onto that knee)

7. Right arm- reaches over towards the front of the room

8. Gaze is looking up towards the ceiling or sky

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