Day 7 Hip Opener – High Lunge

Happy Hip Opener Day 7

How are your hips feeling today? I have one of my favorite hip openers here. This is a High lunge.

And honestly what I do when I get up from my chair at work is hip circles followed by a high lunge. This really does help me stretch out my hip flexors and it feels amazing. Sometimes a little uncomfortable at first, but after a while its great.

Try it with me and tell me how you feel.

High Lunge

1. Come to the top of your mat

2. Step your right foot back, and come onto the ball of your right foot

3. Left leg- bend knee so it is stacked on top of the ankle and there is a 90 degree angle

4. Hold arms up overhead with palms facing one another

5. Relax the shoulders away from the ears

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