Day 4 Hip Opener

Day 4 here for our hip opening challenge in February!

How are you doing so far? Today we have new yoga pose for you called Paschimottanasana OR Seated Forward Fold.

This is a pose that helps stretch out your hamstrings. Sometimes our hips can be tight because our hammier are tight so we have to stretch them too.

Now my hamstrings are really tight, so I had to use a yoga prop- strap to properly forward fold. If you just rounded your back, which most people can do, you change the intention of the stretch which was supposed to be for the hammies and are now stretching your back.

To try this pose follow theses instructions:

1. Sit down on your mat with your legs out in front of you.

2. Sit nice and tall.

3. Hinge your upper body forward trying to reach for your toes. If this isn’t yet within your practice, its okay. Grab a strap and loop it around the arches of your feet and gently go as far as you can with your back naturally straight, not rounded.

4. Hold here and you can play with the tightness of your grip.

5. Breath into the pose, sending your breath to the hamstrings. Hold for 5-10 breaths and see how much further you are able to go.

Comment below and tell me how you feel!

Just remember if your hips are tight, it just takes some practice and more stretching. But you can do it!

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