Mediation 101

Start 2022 off right. Learn to have that inner peace.

The last two years have been quite a doozy. There has been a lot of anxiety, worry, fear, and uncertainty in the air. The main thing that has kept me covered during this has been, Jesus. I make it a point to spend time with God on a daily basis, but I also try to meditate as well. Meditation helps me hear God, quiet my mind, and focus on one thing at a time. Have you ever tried to meditate? It’s a lot simpler than what people make it out to be. 

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It’s actually a part of yoga classes. The main reason I tried meditation was because of its many benefits. At the time I was having a hard time sleeping and suffered from anxiety. It has been shown that practicing meditation can decrease anxiety, help on to focus on being present, increase patience, self awareness, increase your ability to manage stress, and to increase overall sense of wellbeing. I can personally attest to the fact that it has helped me with all of the above. 

It’s hard to describe, but after meditation, you feel oddly calm… and a little sleepy because it relaxes you so well. If this sounds like something you would want to try keep reading, I’ll explain how you can start to meditate like a pro. 

  1. Find a nice comfortable seated position in a nice and quiet area. 
  • It can be inside or outside, it’s up to you. 

2. Set a timer for how ever long you would like to meditate. 

  • If you are new, set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes,

3. Shake out your arms and roll out your neck, relieving any tension you may have.

4. Close your eyes with your hands either in your lap or on your knees.

5. Take a nice big inhale through your nose. Exhale out of your mouth for 2-3 times total.

6. Now focus on your natural breathing, in and out of your nose. 

7. As you focus on your breath draw your attention to how your chest rises and falls.

8. Keep your attention on your chest.

9. When you are ready or your alarm goes off, gently open your eyes. 

10. Take inventory of your body and notice how you feel. Then go on about your day.

If you felt awesome meditating and want to try it for a longer period of time. Come join me with Fun Joy Peace’s 30 day mediation challenge. Each day on our Facebook and Instagram page we will have a different meditation for you to practice. Have fun and learn some new techniques along the way. This will help set the tone for your 2022!

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